Adelaide Roof Restoration

About The Paint-A-Roof Team

So, why choose us for your roof restoration? We’re a South Australian family run business who are passionate about working with the local community. With over 30 years’ combined experience in roof restorations in Adelaide under our belt, we’ve had plenty of time to refine our approach. We offer competitive, honest pricing to give everyone the opportunity to renew the street appeal of their home, and add re-sale value. The team stay up to date with modern trends and technology to produce above the line results. Paint-A-Roof are fully compliant with your busy schedule and always do our best to work within the constraints of your budget. We offer free online estimates using Google Earth and Google Streetscape, which is an excellent way to get the answers you need within a short period of time. Our educated team will provide valuable product recommendations to increase the longevity of your new and improved roof restoration.

Paint-A-Roof follow an extensive process when it comes to Adelaide roof restoration. We aim to achieve long-term results and improve the overall durability of your roof. To begin, we often ask our clients to relocate their vehicles, remove any washing from the line, and shut their windows to avoid any water or debris entering. We firstly carry-out a thorough clean using our 4000psi high-pressure system. Cleaning is surprisingly one of the most important steps we undertake because it enables stronger adhesion between the surface and paint. We remove all the moss, grime, bird poo, dirt, and leaves that have built up over time. If you have cement or terracotta tiles, we then repair any ridge caps and broken tiles. The last step to complete your roof restoration is finishing off with three products: mould inhibitor, primer, and two layers of our Dulux or Acryloc heat reflective roof paint.

How Do You Find A Roof Restorer You Can Trust?

Before going ahead with your roof restoration Adelaide it’s important to make sure you choose a team who you can trust.

  • Qualifications:if your roofer doesn’t have a building license or any kind of paint application certification, don’t bother! You need a professional team you can rely on to carry out work that meets industry standards.
  • Transparency:Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions to make sure you’re paying for a service you actually need. Unfortunately, there’s people out there who take advantage of those who don’t feel confident assessing the damage themselves. If you’re having reservations, interrogate!
  • Warranty:If your roofer can’t back their work with a warranty, take precautions. Make sure you choose a dedicated team who care about the level of quality they produce. Paint-A-Roof will tick all of these boxes and more with your roof restoration!