Colour Charts

With over 30+ years providing roofing and painting services for Adelaide families, Paint a Roof can provide recommendations to help you achieve a beautiful and seamless look for your home. Generally speaking, greys are recognised for their performance and durability. It is an extremely versatile choice of colour and can suit almost any home style, making the perfect choice for contrast or variation. As a result, this is why grey is one of Australia’s most popular choices of colour for roofs. For a softer, Hamptons style finish, cool colours combined with lighter coloured gutters and fascia’s can be a great way to brighten the feel of your home. By reflecting more of the sun’s energy, cool colours can keep surfaces cooler and reduce heat build-up. Similarly, earthy tones can provide a softer look to your roof. However, paired with a bolder gutter and fascia colour can be bring character & make your home stand out. If you’re looking to transform the look of your home, contact Paint a Roof today, or browse the colour charts below!

The beauty of grey

Grey is a neutral colour that suggests space and can suit almost any home style.

The soothing effects of Cool colours

For a softer finish to your home, use these cool colours in conjunction with lighter coloured gutters and fascia’s.

The feel of earthy tones

Selecting natural colours for your roof allow you to be bolder with colour selections for your gutters, fascia’s or texture coating if you wish.

Embrace the colour of nature

Contrast the forest range of your roof with lighter facades to have a bolder, distinguished look for your home.



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