High Pressure Cleaning Services Adelaide

High Pressure Cleaning Services

Our high pressure cleaning services Adelaide are an absolute necessity in the roof restoration process. Any dirt or grime left on your roof will affect the quality of anything you put on top. This is the most common reason behind chipping and flaking paint. However, the paint company won’t comply with warranty terms if the problem is a result of poor execution. To make sure we deliver long-lasting results, we’ve made high pressure cleaning a standard procedure before going ahead with any other roof work. We offer our clients a 10-year warranty on workmanship—because chipping and flaking are not on par with our standards. A squeaky-clean surface will increase the adhesion between paint and surface when it’s time to add the top coatings. We generally add 3-4 top coatings to preserve our work. For results, you can trust, call Paint-A-Roof for our high pressure cleaning services Adelaide.

At Paint A Roof, our high pressure cleaning services Adelaide have become highly sought after. The results are drastic, and it’s a simple and inexpensive way to improve overall street appeal. High Pressure cleaning services Adelaide is always the first step in the roof restoration process. Paint A Roof wash away all the dirt, grime, bird poo, leaves, and other debris that has built up over time. Our high pressure equipment is rated at 4000psi, and we keep the water-temperature high to break everything in its path. We carry out this service on all types of rooves—both iron and cement. Colour and vibrance are fully restored to achieve a fresh and modern look, with of course extending services available such as painting and a protective coating. With our high pressure services Adelaide, your roof will be looking as good as new! Save your dollars and call 08 8464 0714 today. It’s a simple way to transform your home!

High Pressure Cleaning Team

On top of our incredible high pressure cleaning services Adelaide, our team boasts qualities that make us No #1. First and foremost, we’re fully qualified and experienced. We hold a builder’s license and Dulux certification in paint application. We’re registered with the EBIX Trades Monitor which aligns our standards with the best in South Australia. The overarching goal behind the initiative is to reduce risk, improve safety, and lower the costs for everyday Australians. Experienced auditors come out and assess our operations to make sure we comply with all expectations. We also have full Public Liability Insurance. As a family operated business, we have an empathetic nature and offer competitive pricing to reduce stress. Throughout the 12 years of our operations, we’ve continually updated our practice methods and equipment to meet modern standards. Our high pressure cleaning services Adelaide are a prime example of these advancements!