Roof Painting Adelaide

Our Paint Selection

If you’re looking into roof painting, there are two major paint brands we trust. These are Dulux and Acryloc, and both have an outstanding reputation for simple application and durability. Here’s a little more information:

Acryloc: The Acryloc Roofcote Supacool is a heat reflecting membrane that deflects sunlight to improve temperature control and prevent sun damage. The product contains water based acrylic technology with specially engineered pigments. It’s low maintenance, has strong adhesion to avoid flaking and cracking, and is backed by the Acryloc 15-year Coating System warranty.

Dulux: Similar to the Acryloc membrane, Dulux Acratex is a water based, UV resistant membrane which has effective solar reflective technology. It’s highly resistant against the elements, and has been specially formulated for safe collection of potable drinking water.

Both of these options come in over 40 colours, so you have plenty of freedom with your roof painting Adelaide!

When it comes to roof painting Adelaide, how do you know which team you can rely on? There’re certainly a few red flags to be weary of, but the main thing you should look for in a reliable team Is qualifications. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a roof specialist, but there’s no harm in asking questions if you’re unconvinced. To ensure our customers are safe from tricks, surprise costs and poor-quality work, our team have refined our business approach to satisfy consumer demands. Our motto is “quote the work, do the work, warranty the work,” because we want our local community to trust the integrity of our company. We also boast:

  • A 10-year warranty on workmanship
  • 12 years’ experience
  • A full-scope service list
  • A trusted family business background
  • Reliable and advanced tools on hand.

Choose Paint a Roof for high quality roof painting that you can trust!

The Full Restoration Process

When it comes to roof painting, our roof restoration Adelaide process is detailed to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers. To begin, we start by removing all the moss, dirt, and lichen from your roof. This is achieved using advanced Honda pressure cleaning equipment rated at 4000psi. Our team makes sure that debris is diverted away from your rainwater tanks. We also check that paths and other affected areas are thoroughly cleaned following the service. Our next step is to make any amendments such as re-bedding and re-pointing your ridge caps. Once repaired, we begin the 3-step coating process to freshen up the look of your roof. The first coat is a mould inhibitor, which minimizes the re-growth of mould and lichen. Next, we apply a sealer to ensure the tiles are primed and ready to be coated. The job is finished with roof painting using your selected products.