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To provide our customers with the best finish for roof repairs Adelaide, we use and recommend two particular brands. These are Dulux, and Acryloc. Here’s a little information on the performance of our most popular choice.

Dulux: If you’re really looking to optimize the look and function of your roof, we recommend the Dulux ArcaTex Cool Roof. The formula is water-based, UV resistant, and boasts a high-build Elastometric membrane which is known to be chip-proof. The Dulux colour range has over 40 colours which have been specifically matched to Colorbond Finishes. You can re-coat the product within the same day as the application, and the odour is minimal compared to other brands. The formula resists pollution, chemical attack, and minimizes dirt retention. The UV resistant feature not only deflects the sun but also protects the surface from UV damage. This is an ideal choice to complete your roof repairs Adelaide!

There are few qualities we possess that really set our work apart from our competitors in roof repairs Adelaide. Firstly, we’re a family-owned South Australian business. This makes us excellent communicators, and empathic workmen. We always do our best to comply with your schedule and come up with solutions to fit within your budget constraints. Secondly, we’re all about honesty and fair pricing. We offer free online quotes and never put pressure on our customers to extend their service. We’re 100% transparent with our quoting because we hate seeing our community paying more than they owe. Paint-A-Roof is fully trained and certified to bring SA a high-quality level of work. We carry a builders license, Dulux application certification, and full liability insurance. We’re also registered with EBIX Trades Monitor which enables us to undertake work for Strata organizations. We offer roof repairs Adelaide that you can trust!

About Roof Repairs Adelaide

Although they can look insignificant, leaks can be incredibly difficult to tame during the cooler months. It’s important to get on your roof repairs Adelaide early to avoid damaging the infrastructure of your home. On that note, our Paint-A-Roof professionals are happy to help tackle all your roofing repairs. Here are some of the tips we give our customers to help them source their leaks:

  • If the weather is calm, go up into your roof during the day with a bright, portable light.
  • Step only on the secure framing members and never on the insulation.
  • Looks for drip patterns on the floor and trace it back to crack or gap in the roof.

Any stains, discoloration, or marks on your roof paneling will indicate water damage. Our team will come out and complete a full inspection, followed by roof repairs Adelaide if you don’t feel comfortable locating leaks yourself.